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Ty Anis

Attorney at Law

I went to law school to become a sports agent, but once I began taking trial advocacy courses, I discovered my true calling. There is no greater satisfaction than being a voice for those in need.

I am a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, a distinction that is only awarded to a small fraction of criminal defense attorneys across the entire state of California.

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Practice Areas

When you partner with the right attorney, there's nothing you can't challenge.

It's All about Communication


In the courtroom, my ability to convey crucial information takes another form as I draw the judge or jury in with descriptive and compelling evidence. Additionally, I am known for rigorously cross-examining witnesses to uncover the answers needed for victory.


Being a good attorney is as much about your ability to explain the law to your clients as it is about implementing the legal process in trial. For this reason, I make thorough explanations a top priority. Client education is simply the first step to success.


Though client service and trial acumen are important, strong relations with the judges and opposing counsel are a critical component of a favorable resolution. If you take the chance to see me in trial, you will see this camaraderie and respect come through.

"As a former prosecutor, I understand the other side. That knowledge continually strengthens my defense."

Valuable Insight 

Before branching out to form a firm of my own, I worked as a criminal prosecutor. The accomplishments I attained as a prosecutor were not only personally satisfying — they were invaluable preparation for my role today. After all, in any competition, you must know the opponent you’re up against. 

Proven Results 

When you’re developing a strategy, you should always be a step ahead of your competition. I’d like to think that my time on both sides of the courtroom allows me to readily do just that. When you look at the extraordinary resolutions I’ve secured for my clients, it’s merely the most logical explanation. 

Don't settle for submission
Fight for your freedom

Case Results

See how I've helped my clients change their lives for the better.

Felony Grand Theft

No charges filed.

The client was arrested and told he may face additional charges, but while he was awaiting court, I spoke with both a detective and the prosecutor's office and prevented any charges from being filed.

Robbery and Residential Burglary

75% reduction in custody time. 

A client received a 17-year offer on a strike case. The client then had another strike case filed against him. I was able to reduce the prosecution's offer to less than 25% of the original offer and change the offer from a strike to a non-strike.

Vandalism, Burglary, Trespass

Charges dropped.

Two clients were facing multiple felony charges. After a hearing involving the prosecutor’s office, no charges or any action were filed against my clients.

Vehicle Theft, Domestic Violence, Theft, Drug Possession

Offer reduced from prison to less than one week in custody.

After being hired the day before trial, I was able to negotiate a three-year prison sentence down to less than a week in custody.

Drug Trafficking & Possession

Charges dropped due to an illegal search. 

The client was arrested for drug sales and possession.


Offer reduced from three years prison to no custody time.

A client was charged in participating in an international drug trafficking organization with proceeds over $100,000. After being hired on the case, I was able to negotiate a far better offer with no jail time.


Charges dismissed with no conviction or punishment.

Client was charged with stabbing her boyfriend several times and faced multiple felonies with the possibility of 7 years in prison. After rejecting prosecution offers and setting the case for preliminary hearing, the case was dismissed.


Case rejected and no charges filed.

Juvenile client was arrested for rape and sexual assault. After speaking with and providing additional information to the prosecutors, no charges were filed.

The courtroom: Where competition meets collaboration

As with most things in life, you will make the greatest strides in court when you achieve a sense of balance. I have spent my career calculating this delicate equilibrium not only for myself, but for my clients, as it is imperative that our agendas are in sync when we go to trial. 

Preparing to Win

One of the easiest ways to outgun your opponent is to simply do your homework ahead of time. When I take on a new case, I research it relentlessly before determining how to most effectively present the facts in trial. Then, I outline our strategies and tactics for the courtroom and ensure you’re in on the plan. In essence, this is where the heart of competition begins. The toughest attorneys are typically the ones who have done the most research. 

Feeling Out the Opponent 

Once the opposing counsel sees we’ve put together an unshakable case, they’re going to be much more likely give up their fight and negotiate. Often, this allows for better resolutions all around. At this point, we’ll evaluate their offers and counter with our own until we settle on a favorable outcome. 

Tailoring the Tactics to the Case

Of course, there’s no “one size fits all” approach to criminal defense. I make sure to scrutinize every situation independently and adjust procedures accordingly. At times, this might mean pursuing a winning verdict at all costs. Other times, it might mean settling outside the courtroom entirely. I continually adapt to best serve you.