A Los Angeles warrant or Orange County warrant can ruin your life. An arrest warrant or bench warrant in the Los Angeles area can result in you being placed under arrest, put in jail, your vehicle being impounded, and being left to try and salvage your life while in custody. Clearing a warrant in Los Angeles or the surrounding area requires the counsel of an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. As a former Los Angeles district attorney and current defense attorney, I have seen countless defendants who are locked up simply due to a failure to clear their warrants. A warrant will not disappear simply due to the passage of time. Arrest warrants and bench warrants are the two primary types of warrants that can result in your arrest.


A bench warrant in Los Angeles or Orange County follows the same process as the rest of California. A bench warrant is issued by a court if a defendant fails to appear as required. A bench warrant can be issued for a case as minor as a traffic ticket or as serious as a murder. The seriousness of the charge and the defendant’s past history will determine the amount of a bench warrant. Unless a defendant appears in court and has the warrant recalled, law enforcement across California will always have your name and information in their system as having an outstanding California bench warrant. If you come into contact with a law enforcement officer while a bench warrant is outstanding, it is highly likely you will be arrested and taken into custody.


An arrest warrant in California is issued when a criminal case has been filed against a defendant alleging a specific crime or crimes. Frequently, the defendant will not be aware that an arrest warrant has been issued until they are arrested by the police. Once an individual is arrested, they will likely only be able to be released if they post the bail required by the arrest warrant. If you believe an arrest warrant may have been filed against you, it is critical you contact an experience warrant attorney to implement the best possible defense.


The best strategy is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to formulate a strategy on how to deal with having your warrant recalled. If a warrant is in the system against you, it will not go away until you have it recalled. I will take the time to learn about your individual case and explain to you the most effective steps moving forward. Contact me today so that I can use my experience from thousands of cases across the Los Angeles area to get your warrant cleared so that you can stop worrying every time you see a police car and begin to move on with the rest of your life.

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