Fantastic Attorney!

I was wrongly accused and when I met with Ty he was very knowledgeable and prepared me for the whole process. Even after he followed up twice to make sure I was ok and had all my questions answered.


An Amazing Attorney

Ty Anis was hired to defend my son in two criminal cases. Originally my son was facing 17 years in prison. With the lack of confidence in his public defender, I knew I had to hire someone to assist in this matter, ASAP. The moment my family and I met him we knew my son would be represented well. Ty is extremely knowledgeable and has an outstanding reputation among his colleagues and it shows in the courtroom. Ty took the time to explain in detail the law and gave his professional guidance before, during, and after court appearances. As a result, my son's sentence went from 17 years to under 4 years and NO STRIKE! Ty is an amazing attorney and without a doubt I would recommend him.


Our Best Decision

I have never been so afraid as when my family faced criminal charges. I say "my family" because it isn't just the person charged with the crime that has their life turned upside down. Ty was not only a confidante to me throughout the process, he fought hard in court and it was clear that he was respected by the prosecution and judge as well. He never made me feel like less of a person because of the predicament I was in. My family and I are beyond satisfied with the results Ty accomplished. If you want an attorney you can trust that will always put your rights first and foremost, hire Ty. Best decision I have ever made.


Experience That Made a Difference

I was facing a DUI. I contacted Ty based on a recommendation from a friend and the thing I remember from that first contact was how calm and reassuring he was. I don't have a record or anything and was very nervous about repercussions (hard time obtaining future jobs for example). I didn't know this at the time but I read that he had experience working in the district attorney’s office. This experience must have paid off, with me anyway: in the end he got my charge reduced and saved me. I strongly recommend.


Great Service - Professional and Knowledgeable!

Ty was hired to assist me in a Criminal Case I was involved in. I had no idea on what to do. Ty was excellent and took the time to explain everything in detail and the best way to proceed. Ty was very professional and knowledgeable and still followed up several times after the case was dismissed. I would recommend Ty to anyone needing legal representation.


He's Not Like Other Lawyers

I came to Ty after a poor experience with another lawyer who I will not name here. That lawyer took my money and then completely changed. Ty stepped in and I wish I had been with him from the beginning. He took the time to speak not only to me but also my wife. He also had the respect of everyone in the courtroom which helped me greatly. I have already recommended him to others and do so here also. He was there for me and my family both before and after my case was finished.

-Confidential Client

Intelligent and Kind

In my opinion, Ty Anis is a brilliant lawyer who really cares about his clients. Intelligent with a sharp mind, he knows the law and how to use it. I’ll always be grateful to him for how he handled my son’s case, saving him from five years in prison to out of jail in just five weeks. I highly recommend this man.


Highly Recommended

I hired Ty after a recommendation from a co-worker to represent my son. From the first meeting, Ty made both me and my son feel much less stressed. He explained to us every step of the process with patience and kindness. He was clearly very respected when we saw him operate in court. I highly recommend his services to anybody looking for an intelligent and compassionate attorney.


A True Professional

I came to Ty looking for legal help during a very stressful and scary time in my life. Ty eased all my fears. If you're looking for a lawyer that is not only intelligent and efficient but also knows how to get the job done, Ty is your man. Ty was professional every step of the way and always took the time to explain everything to me. I highly recommend Ty as an honest, trustworthy lawyer that gets great results.