Ty Anis Dec. 4, 2018

As an experienced El Segundo criminal defense attorney, I frequently represent clients within the city of El Segundo. As a South Bay resident, I am very familiar with the local police department, as well as the prosecutors and judges responsible for the area. The reality is that a criminal defense attorney in El Segundo needs to have actual experience in the local community. Criminal defense strategies will differ depending on where an investigation and prosecution takes place. One of the first questions an individual should be asking a prospective defense attorney is how much actual experience the attorney has in the area. Below is some additional information regarding how El Segundo criminal defendants are arrested and prosecuted.

The city of El Segundo is patrolled by its own police department. The El Segundo Police Department is a small but well funded police agency in Los Angeles County. The department headquarters are located at 348 Main St in downtown El Segundo. El Segundo is known as one of the safer areas of Los Angeles County and this is reflected in a comparatively low crime rate when compared to other parts of Los Angeles. El Segundo has an overall crime rate that is 30% lower than the California average but its property crime rate is 67% higher than the state average. This results in a higher emphasis placed on enforcing property crime. El Segundo DUIs are also aggressively policed, and the department will occasionally set up El Segundo DUI checkpoints in the area. While El Segundo violent crime rates are low compared to the rest of the county, this can often result in greater resources being put forth when allegations such as domestic violence or sexual assault arise in the area. If you or a loved one is arrested by the El Segundo police, it is crucial to contact an El Segundo defense attorney as quickly as possible. This department has the resources to effectively prosecute any criminal allegations.

If you are or a loved one is arrested in El Segundo, then your case will likely be referred to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. The LADA office is the largest prosecutorial agency in the nation. They are responsible for prosecuting all felonies in Los Angeles County and they also prosecute the majority of El Segundo misdemeanors. The criminal process requires prosecutors to review police arrests and investigations to determine what charges will be filed in court. As an El Segundo criminal defense lawyer, I have firsthand experience with the importance of obtaining an attorney before the first court date. Often, there is additional information that can be submitted to the prosecutors before your arraignment that may aid in your defense or may aid in the case being rejected. The analogy that I often make is that it can be easier to keep a knot from being tied rather than later attempting to untie the knot. I have had repeated success in preventing charges from being filed in El Segundo through aggressive intervention before a filing decision has been made.

If a criminal case is filed in El Segundo, the case will be heard in the Airport Courthouse. The Airport Courthouse is located at 11701 La Cienega in the city of Los Angeles. The courthouse is responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases for cities such as El Segundo, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey, West Holywood, and many other municipalities.

Please reach out immediately to me so that I can learn more about your case. Do not be passive and wait until it is too late! As a former senior prosecutor with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and a longtime South Bay resident,  I look forward to hearing from you and using by skills and experience to begin mounting an aggressive and effective defense.