As an attorney who has dealt extensively with cases across southern California, I can tell you from firsthand experience that each city or area across the region is unique in its approach to criminal prosecution. Los Angeles County and Orange County are particularly varied due to the sheer number of different police departments, courthouses, prosecutors’ offices, and judges. Within the South Bay criminal defense world, the city of Gardena is part of the inland portion of the region. As a former prosecutor who has actually been asked by the Gardena Police Department to help train their officers on what not to do, I have extensive experience in Gardena criminal cases rom beginning to end. Below is an overview of what you can expect in a Gardena criminal defense case from arrest through the court process.

The Gardena Police Department is responsible for patrolling the city of Gardena. With a population of around 60,000, the department has a relatively small area to deal with when compared to the LAPD and LASD which often assume responsibilities for municipalities around the county. In my opinion, this allows Gardena to place greater resources into crime investigation than other areas of the county. The department’s headquarters are located at 1718 W 162nd St in Gardena. Gardena crime statistics reflect a city that has a higher crime rate than the beach cities of the South Bay and has a violent crime rate higher than average in both California and the country. The police department devotes significant resources to policing local gangs and has specific officers that are focused exclusively on gang crimes. Gardena DUI cases are also highly policed, and the city is known for its aggressive enforcement of marijuana DUIs in particular. As stated above, my reputation as one of the best attorneys in Gardena is such that Gardena PD has asked me to train their officers on what a skilled defense attorney may do to their cases.

If you are arrested in Gardena, the case will likely be referred to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office (LADA). The LADA is responsible for the prosecution of both Gardena misdemeanors and Gardena felonies. As a former Los Angeles district attorney, I can tell you that Gardena criminal cases will be prosecuted aggressively and with all the resources of what is the largest prosecutorial office in the United States. As a current Gardena criminal defense attorney, I often tell clients that it is highly important to hire an attorney with an excellent reputation among both the public as well as the prosecutors. A prosecutor or judge is not going to listen to an attorney who they do not respect. Your attorney holds your fate and reputation in his hands whenever he discusses a case with a prosecutor or appears for you in court. If you do not trust or respect your attorney, then why would a prosecutor or a judge.

The LADA will review all criminal filings that are provided to them by the Gardena Police Department. These filings will often tell only part of the story and you will likely not be allowed to speak to the prosecutor who is reviewing your arrest. This is why it is vital to hire a Gardena criminal defense attorney to reach out to prosecutors and the police in order to see what if anything can be done to prevent a criminal filing from happening. A strong defense case’s preparation begins before the first date in court.

If a Gardena criminal case is filed against you, the case will likely be heard in the Torrance courthouse. The court is responsible for criminal cases from all across the South Bay. The Torrance court is located at 825 Maple Avenue in the city of Torrance. The court will handle both Gardena misdemeanors and felonies. During my time as a prosecutor, Torrance was one of my specialized assignments. It is a courthouse where I have tried and won many cases and a courthouse where I am knowledgeable about the nuances of every courtroom. If you are facing a criminal case out of Gardena, your highest priority needs to be hiring a Gardena criminal defense attorney who knows the ins and outs of the system from beginning to end. Please reach out to me as soon as possible so that I can learn more about your individual case and you can learn more about my expertise and how I can help. I look forward to hearing from you.