Hermosa Beach Crime Falls in Summer 2018

Hermosa Beach criminal case statistics have been released and show an overall drop for summer of 2018 versus 2017 in the beach city. The crime numbers were released by the Hermosa Beach Police Department and reflect local crime reports from May to August of 2018.

The main area of focus for crime enforcement over the past few years has been in the downtown Hermosa Beach area. The area is well known for its high number of bars and restaurants and local residents have previously expressed concerns over issues surrounding the location. In the past, city ballot measures have failed that would have placed greater restrictions on business operating hours.

The Hermosa police report reflected a significant decrease in theft related incidents in the downtown area and also throughout the city. Property crimes have always taken a high priority from law enforcement in Hermosa Beach although the city is known for its relatively low crime rate compared to the greater Los Angeles area.

In the report, the police also thanked local businesses for partnering with them to help create an environment where crime was less likely to occur. In the past, assault and battery incidents have been an issue, especially in the downtown area. Police say that bars have been helpful in adding trained security and implementing other measures to reduce alcohol related incidents.

The Hermosa Beach police cautioned that work remains to keep the area safe and promised that the city will continue to aggressively patrol areas such as the downtown pier area to ensure that crime numbers continue to fall.

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