Ty Anis May 10, 2018

The reality is that it really does matter where your criminal case begins in the Los Angeles area. The exact same set of facts will be treated differently depending on whether someone is arrested in area like Compton than if they are arrested in an area like Beverly Hills. The city of Hermosa Beach is no exception to this rule. A person in trouble with the law needs to hire a Hermosa Beach criminal defense attorney who is extremely familiar with the area and how the criminal process will proceed from beginning to end. I have spent a large portion of my career in Hermosa Beach criminal law. As a former district attorney who dealt with the local police, prosecutors, judges, and juries, I know the system from every angle. Below is a detailed discussion of how the Hermosa Beach criminal defense system works.

The Hermosa Beach Police Department is responsible for policing the small beach city of approximately 20,000 residents. Unlike many other small municipalities around Los Angeles County, the city maintains its own police department. The department’s headquarters are located at 540 Pier Avenue in downtown Hermosa Beach. Hermosa Beach crime statistics consistently show an area that has a very low crime rate compared with the greater Los Angeles area. Hermosa beach arrests primarily consist of property crimes like theft and burglary while Hermosa Beach DUI arrests are also a point of emphasis for the police department. DUI checkpoints around Hermosa Beach are not unusual and DUI enforcement in Hermosa is a point of emphasis during summer months when beach events and holidays bring in a large amount of visitors. In my personal experience working on Hermosa Beach criminal cases, the department is well funded and highly responsive whenever a call is made to 911. A simple DUI stop in Hermosa Beach can result in multiple police cars responding to the location. Simply put, this is a small city with ample resources that will not let an offense slide due to a lack of manpower. As a former local prosecutor and as a current defense attorney, I am extremely familiar with the Hermosa Beach Police Department.

If you are arrested in Hermosa Beach, the case will likely be referred to either the Los Angeles District Attorney (LADA) or the Redondo Beach City Prosecutor. The LADA is responsible for prosecuting any Hermosa Beach felony cases while the Redondo Beach City Prosecutor handles Hermosa Beach misdemeanor cases. The city of Hermosa Beach no longer uses its own city prosecutor to prosecute criminal cases. As a former district attorney, I have worked with both of these agencies extensively. If you arrested, it is highly likely that your case will then be submitted to the appropriate agency for an actual filing decision. Many clients that I meet with are unaware that work can and should be done before their first court date. Additionally, a defense needs to be initiated before the first court date in order to be prepared for that day. As a Hermosa Beach criminal attorney, it is my job to work for the best possible result, but also be prepared for any surprises that the prosecution may try to spring.

If a Hermosa Beach criminal case is actually filed by a prosecutor, the case will take place at the Torrance courthouse at 825 Maple Avenue in the city of Torrance. The Torrance courthouse will handle both Hermosa Beach misdemeanors and felonies. During my time as a prosecutor, Torrance was one of primary assignments. It is a courthouse where I have tried and won many cases and a courthouse where I am knowledgeable about the nuances of every courtroom. If you are facing a Hermosa Beach criminal case, you owe it to yourself and your family to hire a Hermosa Beach defense attorney who actually knows the system from beginning to end. Please reach out immediately so that I can learn more about your individual case and you can learn more about what I can do to help.