Redondo Beach criminal defense is one of my main areas of practice. I have lived and worked in the Redondo Beach area for over a decade and am extremely familiar with the local police, prosecutors, judges ,and courts. Redondo Beach is a unique area and below is some additional information about how Redondo Beach criminal cases are handled from beginning to end.

The city of Redondo Beach uses its own police department to handle all crimes within its city limits. The Redondo Beach Police Department is responsible for essentially all criminal investigations. The main station for Redondo Beach police is at 401 Diamond Street. Redondo Beach is an area that has seen property values rise dramatically and property crimes such as theft and burglary make up the majority of crimes in the area. Redondo Beach does have a higher crime rate than its neighboring cities of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach and its population is greater than those cities combined. In my experience, the Redondo Beach Police Department is well funded and  the area is aggressively policed for all crimes. As a beach city with a significant amount of visitors, Redondo Beach DUI arrests are taken very seriously and Redondo Beach DUI checkpoints will be set up on a fairly regular basis. If you or a loved one is arrested or being investigated in the area, it is crucial to contact a Redondo Beach criminal attorney immediately.

If you are arrested in Redondo Beach, the case will likely then be referred to either the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office (LADA) or the Redondo Beach City Prosecutor’s Office. The LADA is responsible for prosecuting all felonies in Los Angeles County criminal cases including those that take place in Redondo Beach. The Redondo Beach prosecutors are responsible for misdemeanor cases within Redondo Beach as well as the neighboring city of Hermosa Beach. Whether the case is handled by a district attorney or a city prosecutor, you need an attorney who has experience working with and against both of these offices. As an attorney with expertise in Redondo Beach criminal defense, I always recommend hiring an attorney as quickly as possible. A skilled local attorney can determine if any information should be presented to prosecutors; often even before a filing decision has been made. As I often tell clients, it is easier to ask for a case to be declined than it is to ask a prosecutor to overrule a filing decision that has already occurred. I have extensive experience defended cases in Redondo Beach that were prosecuted by both the LADA and Redondo Beach city prosecutors.

Redondo Beach criminal charges that end up being filed by prosecutors will be handled in the Torrance Courthouse. The court is located at 825 Maple Avenue in the city of Torrance. The Torrance Courthouse is a court that I am highly familiar with due to being a former prosecutor and my years as a defense attorney. Torrance has a reputation as being an area that has more prosecution friendly juries than most other areas in Los Angeles County. It is critical to hire an attorney in Torrance that has real experience working within the South Bay community.

Redondo Beach is part of the South Bay area where I both live and work. When I was a district attorney, the Torrance Courthouse was one of my primary assignments where I prosecuted cases ranging from driving under the influence to murder. Currently, Redondo Beach defense cases are one of my principal areas of practice. Because of my extensive background in the South Bay area, I am highly knowledgeable about the Redondo Beach prosecutors, police, judges, and juries. This expertise allows me to strategize for my clients at every stage of the criminal process. Your freedom and reputation are simply priceless and you owe it to yourself to hire a Redondo Beach criminal defense attorney who truly knows the system from every angle. Please reach out today and allow me to discuss your case directly and for no consultation charge.