Torrance Criminal Defense

As a Torrance criminal defense lawyer, many of my clients either live in the Torrance area or have cases that will be prosecuted at the Torrance courthouse. The Torrance courthouse is a court where I formerly worked as a prosecutor and is one of my primary courts as a defense attorney. I cannot overstate the importance of choosing a criminal attorney who has experience and familiarity with the local courts.  A strong criminal defense strategy must account for how local prosecutors and courts handle cases. One of the first questions an individual should be asking a prospective defense attorney is how much actual experience the attorney has in the area. Below is additional information on how the Torrance criminal justice system handles cases.


The city of Torrance is patrolled by its own police department. The Torrance Police Department is an independent police agency in Los Angeles County. The Torrance PD headquarters are located within city limits at 3300 Civic Center Drive. Torrance is one of the safer areas in Los Angeles County and this reputation results in a well-funded police department that is focused on maintaining its status as a safe city. Torrance DUI cases are aggressively prosecuted, and the city frequently sets up Torrance DUI checkpoints around the city. The Torrance Police Department also maintains its own gang unit, narcotics unit, crime scene investigations unit, and SWAT unit. If the Torrance police are investigating you or a loved one, it is crucial to contact a Torrance defense attorney as quickly as possible.


If you are or a loved one is arrested in Torrance, then the case will be prosecuted by either the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office or the Torrance City Prosecutor’s Office. The LADA office is the largest prosecutorial agency in the country and prosecutes all felony cases in Los Angeles County including Torrance. The Torrance City Prosecutor’s Office will prosecute misdemeanors that take place within Torrance city limits. The initial stages of the criminal process will require prosecutors to review police investigations to formally decide what charges to file. As a top Torrance criminal defense lawyer, I have experience in building a defense before the case is even heard in court. Often, additional information can be submitted to prosecutors before your arraignment that can help influence filing decisions by prosecutors. The analogy that I often make is that it can be easier to keep a knot from being tied rather than later attempting to untie the knot. I have documented success in fighting charges in Torrance before formal charges are filed.


If a criminal case is filed in Torrance, the case will be heard in the Torrance Courthouse. The Torrance Courthouse is located at 825 Maple Avenue in the city of Torrance. The courthouse is responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases for cities such as Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Gardena among others. I have tried numerous criminal cases at this courthouse and am extremely familiar with the customs and procedures of the courtrooms and judges in Torrance.


Please reach out immediately to me so that I can learn more about your case. Do not be passive and wait until it is too late. As a former senior prosecutor with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and a longtime South Bay resident, I look forward to hearing from you and using by skills and experience to begin mounting an aggressive and effective defense.

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