USC doctor target of grand jury proceedings in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has impaneled a criminal grand jury to hear evidence against George Tyndall, the former USC doctor accused of rampant sexual misconduct. The Los Angeles Times reported that the grand jury began hearing testimony from witnesses last month. While it is unusual for prosecutors in Los Angeles to use grand juries rather than traditional filing methods, the use of a grand jury can allow witnesses to testify confidentially which may of high importance in sexual assault related cases. Unlike in preliminary hearings, no cross examination of witnesses will take place from defense attorneys. In grand juries in California, the defendant is not even present for testimony.

According to the Times report, former clinic employees that worked with Tyndall have been among the witnesses presented to the grand jury. USC agreed in principle to a $215 million settlement in October although that agreement is not finalized and has been attacked by some victim attorneys as being insufficient when taking into account the sheer number of victims that exist.

USC has faced intense criticism from victims and attorneys for their decision to pay the disgraced doctor a financial settlement in 2016 that included his retirement. USC officials also have been accused of failing to investigate past complaints from students and university employees regarding his conduct towards students.

If the grand jury finds sufficient evidence, Tynall could be indicted on charges related to his conduct such as sexual battery. While the grand jury proceeding will remain in secret, any indictments would eventually be released to the public. If you are a former patient of Tyndall, please contact us to learn more about your rights.

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